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Steel–Cut Right





• Our 6 CNC Multi-torch, Oxy-fueled
burning machines with 10' x 40',
10' x 80' & 12' x 80' capacity ensure
the precision and absolute repeatability for ferrous steels up to 10” thick, that meet your most stringent requirements.


• Our CNC High-Definition Plasma Cutting
Machine makes quick work of single
sheets or stacked sheets 3/8” to 1 1/4”
thick. The computerized controls ensure
that each piece in a set is exactly like
the first.

• We also run 4 Single torch, Oxy-fueled,
track machines perfect for cutting bevels.


 • Detailing • Piercing • Beveling

 • Straightening • Heating
 • Machining • Welding • Gouging



25-ton Overhead (2)

20-ton Overhead (1)

10-ton Overhead (2)



6,000-lb Hyundai

6,000-lb Hyster,

18,000-lb Cat

52,000-lb Taylor

30,000-lb Taylor (2)

83,000 lb Taylor



2500-ton 4-post horizontal single-ram

1200-ton single-ram bulldozer

500-ton single-ram bulldozer

250-ton dual-ram press



We mark and track every piece of
steel as it comes into our yard and
track it through every step of our
process. Our mark will follow your steel
components through fabrication of your
project for full traceability.

Done right. On time.

Cut Right

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